International assignments

Here are some of our recent international assignments in short. Talk to us if you want to know what we can do for you.

Vattenfall Management Consultants
– Leadership training for senior consultants

Leadership program designed for senior project-managers at Vattenfall Management Consultants during 2010-2012, extending 3+1+1 days. The program focused on self-awareness, group dynamics and development, communication and situational leadership. The program had participants from Sweden, Germany and Netherlands.

– Leadership for aspiring managers

A program designed as a part of a larger internal program for trainees within IKEA during 2012, extending over 4 days and with participants from Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania. Training in self-awareness, group dynamics and development, ability to communicate, give and receive feedback, values etc. The program took place in Poland.

– Company values and business development

During the recent years we have had several assignments. Klarna is one of Sweden’s success stories with rapid growth on an international basis. In 2011 we conducted workshops engaging the  management and all 500 employees in implementing the company values. During 2012 we’ve worked with the management on communication, and facilitated work implementing vision and strategies.

– Establish a new working culture

A program designed to establish a new working culture when SSAB merged two sales organizations during 2010-2011. Purpose with this activity was to communicate and contribute to “buy in” of an identified company culture that is characterized by an understanding for each other’s differences  (and similarities) across cultural boundaries and thereby building a foundation for a constructive climate of interaction and working based on genuine cooperation. The main objective was to achieve a commitment to a new common way of working. The main aspects of this can be expressed as:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the SSAB company vision and values.
  • To implement the SSAB guidelines for how the vision and the values are expected to manifest themselves in both substance and behavior based on the recently established cultural document.
  • A greater awareness of, and conscious individual effort to respect each other and each other’s cultural differences.

Workshops where help with the management and throughout the entire organization, affecting 60 managers, and over 200 employees in six European countries and in South Africa.