Our services

The world gets smaller and smaller and the globalization affect the way we do business and how we organize and structure ourselves. Our services offers companies leadership development to stay ahead in the competition on a global market.

We live in a multi-cultural world, with a flow of both human and financial capital cross nations borders, and in many ways the key to prosper lies within our capacity to utilize diversity and manage changes. Our values, our human relationships and the company culture don’t come on a spreadsheet but still has a huge affect on the way we perform as individuals, as a team and as a company.

Many of the tailored leadership programs we develop and assignments we are taking on regards change management, value-based leadership, merging company cultures and so forth, based on our competence in human behavior, human relations, individual and organizational development.

Products and consultant services

  • Tailored leadership development programs, in Sweden and Europe
  • Workshops and facilitation
  • Executive coaching in English
  • Open courses held in English

UGL – Understanding Group and Leader is one of our courses available in English since many years, frequently attended by several international companies as a basic management-training program.